Friday night, my husband mentioned taking a day trip to Leavenworth with Pochi could be a fun thing to do this weekend. Leavenworth is a Bavarian themed village 2 hours outside Seattle known for their Christmas Light Festival. So Saturday morning, we woke up and decided to do it! Turns out, we weren't the only ones with this fun idea. After long but absolutely beautiful drive, we finally found a parking spot right at the end of town. We had to walk a couple minutes to get to the main shopping area. Pochi was enjoying the walk, he had only experienced snow once or twice before. The shopping area was cheesy in the best way possible and breath-taking mountains as the village's backdrop. We grabbed some bratwursts and sat down on a bench on the sidewalk. After scarfing down our late lunch, we walked around, popped in some shops and enjoyed the village.

It was really cold in Leavenworth, reminded us of Indiana winters and made me feel silly for complaining about how "cold" it's been in Seattle. Even Pochi thought it was too cold, he was violently shaking (so dramatic!) and he got a lot of "Aww!" from passersby. He was walking awkwardly, the snow must have been really cold on his paws. My husband ended up tucking Pochi in his jacket like a Kangaroo. He got more "Aww"s. Silly dog.

We couldn't enjoy Leavenworth as much as we wanted to because of Pochi and how crowded it was, but my husband and I both agreed that the beautiful drive was worth it. We left as the sun was setting and I managed to capture some photos of the Wenatchee River. I love this side of the country so much!