My husband had the chance to attend a conference in the Big Island this week. I originally wasn't going to go but after looking at photos of the resort he was staying at, I knew I had to go. I felt so lucky that I was able to go back to Hawaii within a year. It was a short trip but it was exactly what I needed after this crazy summer. I wish I had a couple more days, there is so much to do and I needed more beach time!

Big Island To-Dos:

  • Stargazing at MaunaKea: MaunaKea is the highest point in The Big Island. It is also a dormant volcano. There are plenty of tours that take you to the summit but we decided to camp out half-way at the Visitors Center at since it was cheaper that way and our rental wasn't a 4WD. The Visitors Center is located at 9,200ft! The sky was so beautiful, I'll never forget that night. Must do if you're in the Big Island!
  • Poke, poke, poke - eat poke 'til you can't anymore!
  • Black Sand Beach - The sand is black from lava. Beautiful beach with beautiful turtles sunbathing!

Hawaii Pt 2: Honolulu

After spending a few days in Beautiful Kauai, we hopped on a plane and headed to Honolulu and spent the rest of our trip in the Waikiki Beach area. Honolulu was a bit too touristy for us, I couldn't believe that there were so many Japanese people there! It didn't feel like America at all! We ate a lot of great Japanese food in Honolulu. I also turned 30 in Honolulu. I had a great birthday, we went snorkeling with dolphins on the west side of the Oahu at Wai'anae coast. We also had out-of-this-world delicious sushi for dinner. Here are the photos!

Hawaii Pt 1: Kauai

The past few weeks have been a crazy whirlwind! We decided to move out of our apartment to a bigger place. Since our lease ended during our trip, we had to move out before our trip. Moving was pretty stressful, but I'm glad we got it out of the way so we could enjoy our vacation.

We spent the first half of our trip in Kauai. We rented a cute little vacation home near Poipu beach. Kauai was so beautiful, I loved every second of it and I hope I can make it back again someday.

Kauai Recommendations:

  • Kokee State Park - Drive all the way up on 550 and stop at every lookout. We didn't get to hike any trails but hoping we get to do that next time!
  • Waimea Canyon - You can see the canyon on your way to Kokee State Park. We didn't do the helicopter tour, but I heard it's amazing.
  • Poke at Ishihara Market - So amazing, we went there 2 days in a row. They have a lot of a variety of poke for a really good price. Forget getting overpriced poke at a restaurant.
  • Kauai Coffee Company - Fun 10 minute self guided tour through their plantation and you can try samples of their coffee!
  • Queen's Bath - Make sure to be prepared for a little hike. I wouldn't wear flip flops, it's rocky, slippery, wet, and muddy. It's an obstacle course to get there. Not recommended if the tide is high.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Honolulu!