My husband had the chance to attend a conference in the Big Island this week. I originally wasn't going to go but after looking at photos of the resort he was staying at, I knew I had to go. I felt so lucky that I was able to go back to Hawaii within a year. It was a short trip but it was exactly what I needed after this crazy summer. I wish I had a couple more days, there is so much to do and I needed more beach time!

Big Island To-Dos:

  • Stargazing at MaunaKea: MaunaKea is the highest point in The Big Island. It is also a dormant volcano. There are plenty of tours that take you to the summit but we decided to camp out half-way at the Visitors Center at since it was cheaper that way and our rental wasn't a 4WD. The Visitors Center is located at 9,200ft! The sky was so beautiful, I'll never forget that night. Must do if you're in the Big Island!
  • Poke, poke, poke - eat poke 'til you can't anymore!
  • Black Sand Beach - The sand is black from lava. Beautiful beach with beautiful turtles sunbathing!